The incumbent Judge has been occupying this seat for 20 years. In that time, cell phones have become an everyday necessity, the internet has been incorporated as a significant part of daily living, and social media is how we all communicate. With such drastic technological advances in our day to day living, it is important to have relevant, evolving leadership that's forward thinking and understands that continued growth and development is critical to doing an effective and impactful job on the bench.

The Jackson of 20 years ago no longer exists. It is critical to implement standards and action that comply with the law and allows our society to progress in an orderly fashion. A society without law and order is destined for destruction.


  Public Safety

Community and Economic


    Justice for All

The Mississippi Constitution gives a judge the authority to deny bond to persons charged with a crime that carries a penalty of 20 years or more in prison. Of course this provision makes public safety a top priority. The Constitution also gives judges the discretion to deny bond upon determination that the individual is a special danger to the community or poses a special danger to an individual. All elected officials should be concerned about the safety of its citizens.

It is well known that when areas become infested with high crime, residents move, businesses relocate, schools collapse and neighborhoods that once thrived become shells of their existence. This is the exact state of Jackson Mississippi today.

A judge has a duty to be fair and impartial. This means that the scales of justice don‘t tip towards one side or the other, it has to be balanced. Whenever you have a judge that aligns herself with one side, i.e. the Defense or the State, this is a cause for great concern. The citizens of Hinds County have to be very careful about who they elect to serve in a public service position. A judge who has an established record of favoring one side should be extremely alarming to Hinds County citizens. This is the chance for change, the chance for a better Hinds County.
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